Thank you to those of you that responded to our informal consultation on the Emerging Regional plan.

We have received 19 responses which can be viewed here.

The WCWRG Steering Group have reviewed the feedback received and have categorised the comments in to three main themes as follows:

Theme Ask/Challenge Received Response
Alignment of plans
  • Alignment with WRMPs
  • Reconciliation with National & Regional groups
  • Regional Plan driving fully integrated WRMPs
  • Further strategic options and incorporate smaller supply options
We understand alignment and consistency are key in water resources regional planning and will support RCG Working group’s national reconciliation process.
We will include our options appraisal process within our draft regional plan to highlight the wide range of options we have already considered
Stakeholder engagement
  • Broad range of stakeholders to be approached
  • Better understanding of Non-PWS water needs required
  • Need to engage with customers to better understand affordability
We are increasing our stakeholder engagement activities, with agriculture and mineral extraction being our key priorities.
We have undertaken customer research which will help us further understand customer priorities
Environmental destination
  • Fully account for existing environmental requirements as well as aspirations for the future
  • Environmental destination should be better defined
The long-term environmental destination - and the adaptive pathway to deliver it will need to be reflected in the WINEP we develop in partnership with EA, as well as our company business plans, company WRMP and regional WRMP.
For final plan we will identify the areas where additional investigations will be needed to support cost effective delivery of ambition and the development of the next National Framework


We are confident that our Draft Plan will provide a robust assessment of regional needs and will be holding follow-up sessions with our Regulators to discuss further and agree next steps.

For our emerging plan we have taken a pragmatic approach to the regional environmental destination and will continue to work with stakeholders and regulators to ensure our plans provide good value for money and reflect customer priorities.

If you would like to get involved or have further feedback, please contact us.