Water Resources Market Opportunities

Water Resources Market Opportunities

In development of our regional plan, we are keen to open discussions with third parties who may be able to support services such as the provision of leakage detection, demand management options, water trading or the provision of reclaimed water to assist in resource availability for public water supply.

If you are interested in working with us to deliver key elements of our Regional Plan and can offer skills and services that will help us deliver our strategy, please contact us via our online form.

We would like to explore commercial opportunities, links or partnerships with environmental groups, charities, and other interest groups and opportunities to work with academic institutions.

We are especially interested in providers who would be able to implement end to end solutions from concept through to delivery and benefit realisation and innovative solutions, especially if they deliver wider benefits, such as green infrastructure.

Will this option provide or save water?
Are there any known conflicts with public policy?
Is the option likely to attract material objections from interested parties?
Are there are any impacts on fisheries?
Are there are any water quality issues with the solution?
Does the solution conflict with any national or sector policy guidelines?